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"Forbidden Fruit"
Love, betrayal, passion, tenderness and much more awaits you in the game.
Will you risk it? The Forbidden fruit is sweet.
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Mysterious fantasy worlds or a detective?

Choose a story and dive into a new world!


Elves, goblins, magic, an evil depraved queen, friends, enemies and of course two young people between whom you need to make a choice. Will the heroine be able to pass all the tests of fate, understand the dark history of the past and find her true love? You will decide it.


America. A small town that lives its own quiet life. But is everything so calm in paradise? You have to unravel the mystery of a small town together with your school friends and not fall into the trap of events. The story starts here. In the small town of Rosfield..


Not everything we see is true. Most things happen beyond our comprehension. So our heroine is a part of our world and the world of spirits. Love, passion, ghosts, difficult choices and many mysteries that you have to solve together with the main character and make your most important choice in life...

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